Sharjah Municipality, UAE Sharjah

Sewage Treatment Works Phase 7

Client: Sharjah Municipality
Engineer: Halcrow
Main Contractor: Six Construct Ltd
AKS Installation Contractor & Distributor: Western International Insulation Materials L.L.C

AKS Material Quantity Used:

70,000m2 of 3.0mm thick AKS

AKS was used to line the internal tank surfaces at the splash zone to protect the concrete from aggressive agents. After casting the concrete all joints were welded and tested to a strict quality assurance scheme.

AKS was also utilised as both a waterproofing and corrosion protection membrane around the base of the wastewater treatment tanks to protect the slab concrete from chloride attack due to aggressive groundwater. Being a robust lining no protection was required before fixing reinforcement and casting a 1.2m deep slab.

The AKS lining was fitted to the formwork by Western International working handin-hand with the main contractor to ensure that casting progress was maintained. Thermoplastic welding works were completed either prior to casting or once the forms had been stripped.

Penetrations were accommodated through the base slab. Other special details included concrete expansion joints.