Ras AL Khor Crossing, UAE DUBAI

Bridge Piles and Pile Caps

Client: Dubai Municipality
Engineer: Parsons De Leuw, Cather Overseas Ltd
Main Contractor: Belhasa Six Construct L.L.C
AKS Installation Contractor & Distributor: Western International, Dubai

AKS was fixed to the top 3m of bored pile reinforcement. It was secured in position using rebar which was attached to AKS by extrusion welding and external steel strapping. Joints were extrusion welded and spark tested prior  to installation.

The lined cage was subsequently installed into the bentonite-filled, bores and concrete was poured, displacing the bentonite to complete the piling operation.

The base of the pile cape was lined with AKS by placing it smooth side down on a blinding layer covered with a protective sheet. Extrusion welding was used between the AKS to the piles and the base of the pile cap.

UV-stabilised “concrete grey” AKS was used for the exposed surface of the pile cap to match the concrete colour whilst protecting the structure against corrosion.