Pearl GTL Project, UAE Qatar

Project Specifications

Client: Qatar Shell GTL Ltd
Main Contractor: AL Jaber Transport and General Trading
AKS Installation Contractor & Distributor: Western International Insulation Materials L.L.C


27 000m2 of 3.00mm thick AKS – to wall of tanks
14 000m2 of 5.00mm thick AKS – to floors of tanks

Constructing the internal corrosion protection

3mm thick black AKS was fixed to timber forms with FormTak. Welding to corners was largely avoided by thermoforming bends in the AKS whenever possible.

AKS provides internal corrosion protection to the concrete tank structures. The columns are also lined with AKS. Secugrout, a very fluid grout, specially formulated for use with AKS, was used to fix the floor lining. This was the final lining activity to minimise risk of damage resulting from falling objects.

The bottom edge of the AKS shown on the left indicates the level of the floor, which was still to be cast.

Extrusion welding ensures a homogeneous lining throughout the tanks. Pre-cut 300mm diameter circular patches are used to cover tie-rod holes etc. All extrusion welding is tested using a vacuum box.