Pantai Trunk Sewer, Malaysia

Client: Malaysian Sewerage Services Department
Contract: Malaysian STP Project
Main Contractor: Shimizu – Roadbuilder – Hitachi Plant JV

Sewerage Treatment Plant

AKS was vertically cast into 85mm thick precast concrete pipes as a primary corrosion protection lining system. The pipes were installed into a TBM-Driven, segment lined tunnel and grouted in position.

Precast pipes were delivered to the shaft and the “traveller” was used to transport the pipes within the segment-lined tunnel.

Automated extrusion welder supplied by AKS provides easy operation and high standards of in-situ welding throughout the project.

All parameters of the extrusion welder are controlled by the operator. After the joints in the AKS have been welded, the annular space between the concrete pipes and the precast concrete segments is filled with grout.