Sewerage Project, Australia

Client: Alkimos Water Alliance
Pre-cast Concrete Pipe Manufacturer: Zublin International

Lining Material

47 500m2 of 2.5mm thick pale green AKS

Pipe Internal Diameter and Tunnel Length: 2.0m ID and 7.6km

The 2,0 m Internal Diameter jacking pipes were vertically cast in lengths of 3,0 m each. A 2,5 mm thick, green AKS was incorporated into the pipe as a full 360 deg lining.

Pipe jacking and open cut excavation techniques were used for the installation of the pipeline. Prior to placement in the jacking pits, the pipes are fitted with a carefully designed frame to support all the services required for the jacking operation. This frame ensures minimum damage to the lined AKS surface during the jacking process.

After the completion of the pipeline, capping strips were installed over each joint to ensure a watertight installation. The capping strips were installed using extrusion welding.